SOMOS is presented by a consortium of community members, businesses and organizations, with title partnership from Bernalillo County. Thank You Bernco!!!
Giving Back
Countdown to SomosABQ! Coming September 23, 2017!
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For ABQ,

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back. Even the most simple acts of benevolence — the ones we think of as “random acts of kindness” or “no big deal” — are actually incredibly important. Volunteering in all shapes and forms strengthens our communities, brings people together and provides us with valuable experience and insight.

If we are going to move Albuquerque forward, we must do this together!

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Philanthropy is at the heart of this community celebration.

There are two opprotunites for non profits to financially benefit from SOMOS.

50% up to 50K

Half of the net profit, up to $50k, will be awarded to a nonprofit chosen by SOMOS ticket purchasers (one ticket = one vote); the balance will be allocated to a restricted account, to provide a financial foundation for SOMOS year 2.

In order to be eligble, you must apply here