SOMOS is presented by a consortium of community members, businesses and organizations, with title partnership from Bernalillo County. Thank You Bernco!!!
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Countdown to SomosABQ! Coming September 23, 2017!
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Why Be a Sponsor?

  • Be a part of a first of its kind experience designed to shine light on the best reasons to work, play, live and stay in ABQ.

  • SOMOS creates quality of life experiences that are essential to keeping our young people here.

  • Join an extraordinary network of community investment partners

    • Over 80 organizations participating in some capacity.

    • Subcommittee’s (5 of them) each have 12-20 people involved, and the organic reach of just our core partners is sweeping & statewide

    • Unprecedented level of private sector/non-profit collaboration – is not happening in Albuquerque.

  • Broad exposure through a consortium of in-kind local media partners, and regional market expansion through our partnership with Visit ABQ.

  • Much more likely to hit an engaged millennial audience

    • 30 second video got 10k views and hundreds of shares in just a few days.

  • Reach is city/county wide

    • City Departments doing outreach in neighborhoods (Office Immigrant & Refugee Affairs, Office of Collective Impact, Office of Neighborhood Coordination)

For one day each year, let's illuminate every good thing we know our city to be.

We've all -- often together -- been part of meetings that aim to "define the story of Abq." That conversation is important. But we live those stories every day. They're why we love this place. So what if we join creative forces and *show* instead of *tell*? SOMOS Albuquerquw is a collaborative effort -- by all the people who've been contemplating a full-blown, city-wide celebration in downtown for years -- with a philanthropic goal and an eye towards sustainability.

$1,000.00 - SOMOS Supporter

10 Tickets, Logo on Website, Social Media Campaign

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10 Tickets, 2 Social Media Campaigns, 4 Tickets to VIP Afterparty

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$5,000.00 - SOMOS Promoter

10 Tickets, 4 Social Media Campaigns, 8 Tickets to VIP Afterparty

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$15,000.00 - SOMOS Community Champion*

20 Tickets, 4 Social Media Campaigns, 8 Tickets to VIP Afterparty

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Select SOMOS TV Campaigns, Select SOMOS Radio Spots, SOMOS Website Partner Page, SOMOS Mobile App

Lead Sponsorship and placement at one of the major SOMOS focal points:
  • Branded Stages
  • Branded Food Court
  • Branded Arts & Culture Blvd.
  • Branded Beer Garden
  • Branded Family Area

$30,000.00 - SOMOS Title Sponsor*

20 Tickets, Logo on Website, 8 Social Media Campaigns, Logo on Mobile App, 20 Tickets to SOMOS VIP Afterparty

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SOMOS Main Stage, SOMOS Tickets, SOMOS Mobile App, All SOMOS TV Campaigns, SOMOS Radio Spots

* Customized Sponsorship Options Available
Customized sponsorship packages and benefits are available to enhance your ROI. SOMOS Champion & Title sponsors; our core team will work with you to create the highest impact strategies, to best integrate and reflect your brand.